Meet the Team.

Welcome to Veloline, where our team of dedicated cycling enthusiasts is here to elevate your riding experience. Our seasoned bicycle specialists ensure your bike knowledge is in top-notch shape, our skilled mechanics fine-tune your ride and our friendly customer service makes every visit enjoyable. At Veloline, we're not just a team; we're your companions on the road to cycling bliss.

Dean Buck

Commander And Chief Here at Veloline. Transitioning from 35 years of two wheel motorbike experience into bicycles.

  • Weekend road and gravel rider
  • Dream ride is through France, Brittany to the south coast.
  • Looks forward to the Farringdon coffee cake making an appearance
  • More gravel miles in 2024
  • Starts the day with a Farringdon blend americano 

Phil Finden

"Rouleur" of the store, can swing a spanner while curating this website. Celebrating his 24th Year in the industry.

  • Loves mountain biking, you guys call it "Enduro" these days.....
  • Favourite ride was descending the 10,000ft Hawaiian Volcano of Haleakala in Maui.
  • Strava
  • Loves ALL the cake.
  • Plans to ride around Mt Blanc this year.
  • Favourite Farringdon coffee is a Cappuccino.

David Boyson

Chief Mechanic And Workshop Manager.

  • Mountain/Road/Gravel
  • Favourite ride was the Circuit du Blavet
  • an analogue man in a digital world doesn't need strava
  • Plans to "Keep pedaling" in 2024
  • Also loves the chocolate brownie
  • Favourite Farringdon coffee is a Latte

Alex Beaumont

Selling bikes, Making all the coffees..... Living the dream.

  • Enduro MTB
  • Loves a summer group ride in surrey hills
  • Strava
  • Keen to ride the awesome trails of New Zealand
  • Easily bribed with a Veloline brownie
  • Favourite Farringdon coffee is a Mocha

Tom Eastman

Part-time Sales Advisor

  • Road racing and Cross country MTB.
  • Loved completing King Alfred's way last year.
  • Strava
  • Favourite Farringdon coffee is a Latte.
  • Washed down with a Farringdon coffee cake!
  • Targeting 4500 Miles in 2024.

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