Madone SLR 7 AXS S Navy Smoke GEN 8

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Experience the seamless performance and superior handling with the Madone SLR 7 AXS Gen 8 by TREK. This ultra-aerodynamic road bike is built to dominate the racing landscape, combining sleek design, advanced technology, and unparalleled comfort to push your cycling experience to a whole new level.

Constructed from the trailblazing 900 Series OCLV Carbon, this bike promises not just aerodynamic benefits but also an impressive lightweight ride perfect for conquering inclines. Its exceptional IsoFlow frame technology offers a smooth ride, ensuring you don't have to compromise on comfort while reaching for high speeds.

The bike also carries the RSL Aero Bottles and Cages, designed to further reduce drag and provide an additional aero advantage. With SRAM Force AXS D2 drivetrain, carbon wheels, and a Trek Aero RSL one-piece carbon bar/stem as standard features, the Madone SLR 7 AXS Gen 8 is prepared to clinch victories.

Fitness enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of lightweight design, aerodynamics, and comfort will find this bike an unbeatable option. It's equipped to ensure top-notch performance, with a high-level carbon lay-up, tubeless carbon wheels and the wireless electronic shifting of SRAM Force AXS D2.

TREK's Madone SLR 7 AXS Gen 8 boasts a distinctively light frame made from a high-quality 900 Series OCLV Carbon material that features aero tubing and IsoFlow comfort technology. This premium road bike's 2x12 SRAM Force AXS D2 wireless electronic drivetrain comes with a power meter, helping you maximise your training benefits. Plus, its universal derailleur hanger ensures easy replacement access, regardless of your location.

Experience the new definition of speed with its Full System Foil aero tube shapes that optimise overall bike aerodynamics. Built from the robust 900 Series OCLV carbon, it's incredibly light yet stiff, offering much-needed power and comfort for long rides. With the wireless, ultra-precise and programmable shifting enabled by SRAM Force AXS D2, your ride will be as smooth as it gets.

Simply put, the Madone SLR 7 AXS Gen 8 is an extraordinarily light and aerodynamic road bike that's equipped to take you on thrilling race-day adventures. Its design and performance are thoughtfully crafted to deliver a breathtakingly fast and comfortable ride.

Brand TREK
Barcodes 197216001690
SKUs / Part Numbers 5320396

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